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We have taken the decision to add a blog next to our PrimaLuna website.
We are often getting reactions of PrimaLuna’s owners and we feel a blog
is the fastest way to share a number of these reactions. So we give you
that special space: a blog. this website, of course, stays and will be updated
on a regular basis; but its goal is to provide you the product information,
to allow you to register your warranty, to download the manual,
to discover our network…

With the blog we aim to bring you an eclectic mix of news and information
on PrimaLuna. We will post news from our distributors, our customers,
our team, our product development, the press... and of course
we welcome your comments and feedback - after all, it is for you!
And hopefully also BY you.

Go and check ,

register and participate,
tell us what you think about the products, the reviews, maybe us ….

share your experience (s),

send us pictures/videos of your system,

be part of the PrimaLuna’s community!!!

The PrimaLuna team will do its maximum to motivate our distributors,
dealers to participate. As PrimaLuna we will try to post at least one
interesting issue per day and Herman promised me already to comment
at least once on each post. So you can expect us to reply to all your comments as well as you can expect we moderate our Blog to keep things “clean” and pleasant. It has to be “music for pleasure”, nothing else…

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